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Prayer Testimonies from Our Intercessory Prayer Team

June & July 2020

Since the beginning of this year, we have had teams of 2 to 4 people praying, interceding, during the Sunday worship services each week. Since we have been in quarantine, those teams have continued praying various days each week.  We’d like to share some of their testimonies – what they have been hearing from God. We hope these words - God’s love, promises and truths – inspire you in your walk with God and as you pray for our church.

Living Water

I am sitting by a fountain in the rose garden at the arboretum, enjoying this little fountain. Thinking about the song Come Thou Fount and other water stories from Scripture. A breeze came up, and the water bubbling out of the top blew sideways, little droplets of water spreading outwards.

The message I got was that when the winds blow and the storms come in our lives, if we are leaning into the storm, living out our faith, the Living Water is blown around, spreading drops of grace to far greater areas than when it bubbles up and flows down.


Hiking & Listening

While hiking on Goat Peak we spent time in prayer – listening to what God has for our church.  This is what we experienced…
  • The hymn Lead on O King Eternal was humming through our minds
  • As we walked through the woods, we prayed that God would give Bill & Debbie His strength, peace and discernment
  • We read Psalm 91 and sensed that God’s angels are watching over Grace of Christ
  • We prayed also that God will help Bill in balancing work and life
  • Here are three p words that came to mind pandemic + protests = prayer
  • In this picture of the white trillium – we were reminded of the trinity. The flower has 3 petals and the trinity is God in 3 persons. 



One week, we prayed for the staff and the session with how to transition into going to church. We read Psalm 21 and used that as a vehicle for prayer. That led us to pray for protection, like-mindedness, and that all have their hearts seeking the Lord's will. The words that kept hitting us were faith and trust. We also felt that churches in the valley should share their revelations of how to do this with each other.


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