Back to School … at home?

Student Ministry | Ali Hildebrand

grace alive - August 28, 2020

Call Unto Me And I Will Answer You 

Call unto Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. Jeremiah 33:3

This verse from Jeremiah is our prayer and hope for Student Ministry. 
Currently our students are surrounded by the unknown of the school year, but we know God can use this to do great and mighty things. Normal rituals like back to school shopping and first day of school outfits are going to look different with Yakima school district starting the year completely online. While no one knows what challenges we may see this year, or how long we will stay online, our Student Ministry team has plans, back up plans, and plans for if those don’t work. What is consistent across the plans is that this year we start from scratch, work for the teenagers, and know that this is going to look completely different from any other year. 

Small, Relational, Activity Based Ministry

For This to work, we need your help...

Even with all this unknown we think we have the key to this year, Jesus *duh* and focusing on small, relational, activity-based ministry. For this to work we need your help! We need adults with a heart for teens who can handle rejection because let’s be honest these kids may or may not text you back, but we love em anyways! We need adults with a near godly amount of patience and grace because our students are having to learn how to learn online and are going to need resilient adults around them to help with the learning curve. We want to focus on the supporting the students in whatever ways we can this year the main four focuses being; faith, family, friends, and school, using online check ins, and hopefully soon small group outings or outdoor get togethers. 

Here's what we need

prayer - resilient Adults - Gift Cards - Skills

  • prayers for students, families, and especially our amazing teachers as they are facing a new frontier of online learning. 
  • resilient adults with a heart youths, time, and energy to invest in our teens. 
  • gift cards for our outings with students! Taking a student to coffee or ice cream is one of the easiest ways to bond and start a relationship but the cost can add up. 
  • skills, if you are a teacher or can teach an instrument, we can put those gifts to good use!

Thank You for Your support & prayers

Special thanks Donnie Ide, Amae Merrill *Amae is teaching this year so prayers for her online classroom*, and John Yolo who connect with our teenagers in the midst of such an awkward time.

how to get involved

If you want to get involved, get your teen involved, or just learn more about what our team is working on, please contact our Student Ministry director Ali Rose at (509) 834-0405 or 

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