Pray - 15

We believe this is an opportune time to pray. Distractions are reduced for most of us. Thank you for taking time to set apart to enter into what the Lord is doing. Let’s turn away from fear and face the Lord who will and is increasing our faith.

A Pray For Peace
Jesus, Prince of Peace, come and be my peace today! I pray for those who are fearful today. I intercede for a nation in panic, looking for answers. You are the only answer to crisis and stability, Jesus. Come and BE Prince of Peace over America! I say, “You did not come to simply give us peace.” I declare, “You are our Peace!” Amen.
Just 15 Minutes A Day
MONDAYS: Pray for our businesses, restaurants, etc who have had to close or cut back. Pray for their staff, their finances & income, protection over their shops and employees.

TUESDAYS: Pray for children, youth and college kids out of school, for their teachers and other school staff, and for those looking after them daily since there is no school. Pray for the seniors in HS and College – against anxiety, worry and for the disappointment in missing out the final months of their senior year. Pray for the parents and grandparents – wisdom, patience, creativity, energy, rest, health, and finances.

WEDNESDAYS: Pray for Memorial Hospital, health care workers and first responders. Pray for their management and leadership teams, all of their staff – for their income and health; for their patience, peace, kindness, energy and soul care. Pray for their protection (physical and economical).

THURSDAYS: Pray for the leaders in our community, WSDOT, State Patrol, Mayors and city council, city administrators, hospital leadership, and all others that come to mind. Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment. Pray against fear, pride, rebellion and anger . Pray for unity with God and that His will be done. Lord’s Prayer

FRIDAYS: Pray over our city’s stores: grocery, markets, gas stations, banks, and anyone else who comes to mind interacting with the public. Pray against offense. Pray an abundance of God’s peace and that they can bless others with their words and actions. Pray for their health, patience and energy levels.

SATURDAYS: Pray for our churches, pastors, elders and deacons and worship leaders. Pray for their health- soul, heart and body. Pray for their attitudes, wisdom and the Lord’s discernment in leading and shepherding their flock. Pray an abundance of Jesus’ peace and for their fiances (church and employees.) Pray for unity in leadership with God’s will and direction. Pray the intentionally seek ways to bless others.

SUNDAYS: Pray over our assisted living, nursing homes and senior adults. Pray for the residents’ health, peace of mind and attitudes and pray against loneliness. Pray for all of the staff and their families. Protection over their health, finances, and energy.
Worship Jesus, the Prince of Peace as you pray through Psalm 91
  • Cast all your cares on Him, for He cares for you.
  • Intercede for those you know who are fearful, especially in light of current events.
  • Say over the nation, “Jesus come and BE Prince over America! We say, “You did not come to simply give us peace. We declare You are our Peace.”
  • Find someone to minister the love and peace of Christ today.

Please Let us Know you will be praying for our Grace family. our neighbors & our city

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