Healing Trauma & Betrayal

Healing Trauma and Betrayal Conference
Saturday, March 18, 2023

As Christians, if we’re not doing well, it can feel as if we are judged. “Have you prayed enough?” or “Have you forgiven?” We feel as if our not doing well is our fault or that we have to defend God: “It’s OK. I know God will heal me (or give me strength).”

Yet so often, our unhealthy behaviors, addictions, or inability to connect intimately are the result of unresolved trauma or betrayal experiences. They disrupt our ability to trust and feel safe and can distort how we think and believe as well as our relationships. Some survivors find it almost impossible to manage shame, internal conflicts, self-defeating cycles or to find protection and healing.

For leaders and individuals alike, this faith-based trauma-informed training by Yvonne Martinez, offers candid, sensitive and powerful insights to bring restoration and freedom to the spirit, soul, and body. Recovery changes a life, a family, a city, a society and a culture. When we help one person, we help everyone. Join us as we are equipped to help others and ourselves.
Conference Details
When: March 18th, 2023 from 9 AM to 4:30 PM
Where: Grace of Christ Gym, 9 S 8th Ave, Yakima, WA
Registration: $65 until March 1st, $75 March 2 - 14th (includes training, lunch, and the book Trauma, Sexual Exploitation, and Addictive Self-Harm, a$30 value)
How to Register: yakimagrace.com/CONF
Bring: notebook and pen
No children under age 18 recommended
Yvonne Martinez, a Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP), has over 35 years of experience working with clients to address unresolved trauma, sexual exploitation, and addiction. Yvonne is the director of the Transformation Center as well as the CEO of Shasta Blue Sky and founder of I Am Brave Int’l, for those needing help with life-controlling issues. She is also the Educational Director for CARE-EDU and provides addiction education, pastoral counselor development, trauma-informed training, and other resources to industry professionals. Yvonne is an ordained minister with CADC-CS, ICCS, ICADC, CADC II, NCAC I, CRPS credentials.
Yvonne is the author of 23 books. She and her husband live in Redding, California. We are excited about the opportunity to have her in Yakima.