our homecoming!

A Letter From Pastor Bill - Sept 11, 2020

Dear Grace of Christ Family,

We are preparing for our “Homecoming”.  Plan on joining us for an outdoor worship experience on September 20th @ 10:00am in the main church parking lot.

OUTDOOR WORSHIP - Sun, Sept 20 - Make a reservation!

Go to the OUTDOOR WORSHIP webpage and read everything you need to know before you arrive.  Plus, at the bottom of the page you can sign up as either a “Pedestrian” or “Drive-In”.  “Pedestrians” will park in the former hospital on 8th, and walk to the church parking lot.  (Remember to bring chairs.)  Or, you can “Drive-in” at the designed parking lot entrance, and view the service from your car while listening on the radio.


In addition to this outdoor worship experience, make plans to participate in a 10-week COMMUNITY LIFE Group experience for the entire church.  Here’s what you can do to stay connected with others in our Church family:


Current groups, and new groups will begin this ten week experience the week of September 27th.  If you are currently in a group, let your leader know that you desire to continue with them. Or, you can branch out and join a new group that will be forming.  Or, consider leading a group, or partner up to co-lead a group. Sign-up or let us know you're interested!

Purchase A Book

Each group will be going through the same book:  AHA: The God Moment that Changes Everything, based upon the Prodigal Son.  The suggested donation cost is $7.  If you can’t afford a book, one will be provided for you, compliments of the church.  Please call the church to arrange a time when you can come down, for yourself, or your group, to pick up the book(s).  Copies WILL NOT be available on Sept 20th. 

Leadership Training

A leader training event is scheduled for September 17th, 4:30pm.  Whether you are a current group leader, or want to be a leader, you will be given all that you need to successfully lead your group.  If you want to be a leader, please contact Curt McFarland, curt@yakimagrace.com.

Because of Christ, and in His Grace,
Pastor Bill