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A Letter From Pastor Bill - oct 16, 2020

Dear Grace of Christ Family,

Once again our plans have changed.  But, it’s a good change of plans.  As you probably know, Yakima is now in Phase 2 in the state’s reopening plans.  So, at this time we are able to have more people in attendance for worship.  This Sunday, October 18th, we will be able to have roughly 110 people in the sanctuary, and we are looking at overflow in rooms on the main floor.  The exact numbers are still being worked out as we continue to provide social distancing.

I realize that not everybody feels comfortable being indoors for worship, and that is perfectly understandable.  I also know that some people are not healthy enough to attend.  Please do not feel as though you need to attend an indoor service at this time.  Remember, the Church is not the building.  Worship does not only take place within a physical sanctuary.  You are the Temple of God, who resides within you, and we are united together by the Holy Spirit, even as we worship together in remote places.

I also want you to know that this Sunday is Missions Sunday.  You are in for a treat as the Missions Ministry Team introduces a new Missionary and Mission that Grace of Christ is now supporting.  You will be given a wonderful message from Joshua Tsavatewa from Sacred Road Ministries in White Swan.  

During these very difficult times we have experienced the loss of some dear saints.  This past week Doug Peters was called home by our Lord.  His wife, Marj, was blessed to be by his side during his final day on earth, surrounded by their children.  She appreciates all your prayers.  There is no Memorial Service schedule for right now.

Also, Stella Pence, who passed away in September, will be celebrate Friday, October 16th, at 1pm.  The service will be at the Brookside Funeral Home.  Continue to be I prayer for these families.

Again, thank you for your prayers during these uncertain times, and for your grace and flexibility as we navigate these uncharted waters together.

Because of Christ, and in His Grace,
Pastor Bill